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Proceedings Volume

The deadline for the submission of articles for the proceedings volume is January 31st, 2011. The volume will be published in 2011.

The proceedings volume will be publish as an open access volume of Lecture Notes Proceedings (Springer Heidelberg etc.).

Only papers by attendants of the 7th European Conference on Echinoderm and their co-authors will be accepted for publication. Abstracts alone will not be published; these are already available in the Conference’s abstracts volume (Reich et al. 2010; and will not be duplicated here. Manuscript acceptance is decided by the editors, the decisions being based on two peer-reviews. Authors who have contributed to the production of the proceedings volume when registering for the conference will receive one hardcopy of the volume free of charge. All other authors and co-authors will receive pdf-files only. If you are interested in purchasing a hardcopy of the proceedings volume, please let us know (




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