Hydrogeochemistry Lab

The hydrogeochemical laboratory offers a range of methods to analyse essential elements, ions, molecules, and bulk parameters to characterise liquid and solid samples from aquatic environments:

Element- and ion analyses (AAS/IC)

  • atomic absorption spectrometer (Philips Unicam)
  • ion chromatograph (Waters)
Spectrophotometry and potentiometry
  • laboratory and field photometers (Unicam and Hach) for nutrient and ion analyses i.e. PO4, Si, NO3, NO2, NH4, H2S, Fe, B)
  • PC-automated titration system for alkalinity (Metrohm)
High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • ternary gradient system (Varian) with fluorescence and UV detection for analyses of amino acids
  • ternary gradient system (Varian) with amperometric detection (Antek) for analyses of carbohydrates
Elemental analyser (CHNS)
  • multi-phase CH-analyser (LECO)
Field analyses
  • CTD-probe with RAM-memory (2000 m water depth)
  • pH, conductivity, and oxygen meters


Dr. Andreas Reimer