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Research Unit 571 (DFG-FOR 571)
Geobiology of organo- and biofilms: Coupling of the geosphere and the biosphere by microbial processes



Aims of the research unit

The DFG research unit 571 works on benthic microbial communities (biofilms) and thin organic veneers (organofilms) involved in mineral precipitation and dissolution. Biofilms and organofilms cover almost any rock-water interface on Earth and influence biogeochemical cycles of mineral forming elements on a global scale. Major objectives of the projects are (1) identification and localisation of microorganisms within biofilms, (2) characterization of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) of the organo- and biofilms, and (3) mineral nucleation, crystal growth and microbialite fabric formation. Based on the quantification of processes and mass balances the global impact of organo- and biofilms in the fossil record will be evaluated.

Projects FOR 571

Vacant positions

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Dr. G Arp
Prof. Dr. Joachim Reitner

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Microbial Biomineralization
1: Microbial Biomineralization,
Biogeochemistry and Biodiversity
of chemolithotrophic Microorganisms
in the Tunnel of Äspö (Sweden)
Biodiversity and DNA-Taxonomy
2: Biodiversity and DNA-Taxonomy
of Algae and Cyanobacteria in
calcifying Biofilms
3:Control of Mineralization Processes
3: Control of Mineralization Processes by heterotrophic and autotrophic Prokaryotes in high-pCO2-Biofilms of tufa systems
4: In situ Structure and Function of Biofilm-Systems
4: In situ Structure and Function of Biofilm-Systems during Mineralisation of Carbonates
5: Influence of Temperature, Oxygen Concentration
5: Influence of Temperature, Oxygen Concentration and Concentration of Organic Substrates on Marine Microbial Carbonate Dissolution
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