Prof. Dr. Gernot Arp

Geoscience Centre, University of Göttingen - GZG
Geobiology Group

Goldschmidtstr. 3
37077 Göttingen, Germany
Fax: +49-(0)551-39 7996

Short curriculum vitae

Professional career

  • 2016 Appointment as “außerplanmäßiger Professor” (extraordinary professor)
  • 2011 Habilitation at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
    Habilitation Thesis " Biofilm calcification and microbialite formation in context of their depositional environments"
    venia legendi in Geology and Palaeontology
  • 2005 Deputy Coordinator DFG Research Group "Geobiology of Bio- and Organofilms" (FOR 571)
  • 1999: Promotion (Dr. rer. nat.) at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
    Doctoral Thesis "Calcification of non-marine cyanobacterial biofilms (USA, PR China, Indonesia, Germany) - Implications for the interpretation of fossil microbialites"
  • 1992-1997: Fellow of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
  • 1995 - 1999: Promotion
  • 1994: Diploma at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen
    Diploma Thesis "Algenflora und Fazies der miozänen Karbonate am Nordrand des Kratersees im Nördlinger Ries (Süddeutschland)"
  • 1989 - 1994: Study of geology and palaeontology at the University of Erlangen

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Research Topics


Biofilm Calcification & Stromatolites
  • salt lakes
  • karstic streams
  • ocean chemistry


Nördlinger Ries Crater Lake
(DFG-Project AR 335/9)
  • microbial carbonates
  • lacustrine sediments
  • chemical lake evolution

Lake 21, Kiritimati 2002
Research Unit FOR 571 “Geobiology of Organo- and Biofilms” Project Initiative “Ries-Crater”
Ries Crater Museum
Geopark Ries


Lower Jurassic Schwarzjura Group
  • stratigraphy
  • ammonites & bivalves
  • seawater currents


Microbial alteration of carbonates
(DFG-Project AR 335/8)

Dactylioceras-Bed, Toarcian, Altdorf bei Nürnberg
JuraSubKom DFG-Research Unit 1644 “Charon”
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Selected Publications

Full publication list

Stüeken E.E., Tino C., Arp G., Jung D. & Lyons T.W. (2020): Nitrogen isotope ratios trace high-pH conditions in a terrestrial Mars analog site. - Science Advances 6 (9), eaay3440. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aay3440.y3440. Stueeken-et-al-2020-Ries-Isotopes_eaay3440.full.pdf

Arp, G., Reimer, A., Simon, K., Sturm, S., Wilk, J., Kruppa, C., Hecht, L., Hansen, B.T., Pohl, J., Reimold W.U., Kenkmann, T. & Jung, D. (2019b): The Erbisberg drilling 2011: Implications for the structure and post-impact evolution of the inner ring of the Ries impact crater. - Meteoritics & Planetary Science 54 (10): 2448–2482. [DOI 10.1111/maps.13293]

Arp, G., Schultz, S., Karius, V., Head III, J.W. (2019a): Provenance, sedimentary particle impact preprocessing, and transport distances of conglomeratic constituents in the Miocene Ries impact crater: Implications for Gale Crater, Mars. - Icarus, 321: 531-598.

Arp, G., Aiglstorfer, M., Havlik, P., Krause, T., Schulbert, C. & Seppelt, S. (2014): New exposure of the Ludwigskanal section near Dörlbach - a key section for the Lower Jurassic in the Franconian Alb, Southern Germany. - Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 165 (2): 163-177.

Arp, G., Blumenberg, M., Hansen, B.T., Jung, D., Kolepka, C., Lenz, O., Nolte, N., Poschlod, K., Reimer, A. & Thiel, V. (2013): Chemical and ecological evolution of the Miocene Ries impact crater lake, Germany: a re-interpretation based on the Enkingen (SUBO 18) drill core. - GSA Bulletin 125 (7-8), 1125-1145.

Arp, G., Helms, G., Karlinska, K., Schumann, G., Reimer, A., Reitner, J. & Trichet, J. (2012): Photosynthesis versus exopolymer degradation in the formation of microbialites on the atoll of Kiritimati, Republic of Kiribati, Central Pacific. - Geomicrobiology Journal 29: 29-65.

Arp, G., Reimer, A. & Reitner, J. (2001): Photosynthesis-induced biofilm calcification and calcium concentrations in Phanerozoic oceans. - Science 292: 1701-1704.

Arp, G. (1995): Lacustrine bioherms, spring mounds, and marginal carbonates of the Ries-impact-crater (Miocene, Southern Germany). - Facies 33: 35-90. Arp1995-Lacustrine-bioherms-Ries.pdf

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Current Projects

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Modul M.Geo.112:


Kilianstollen Marsberg 2016

stratified Cu-rich sediment, Kilianstollen 2015

Modul B.Geo.209:


Lower Jurassic, Kuhjoch,
Karwendel Syncline 2012

Münder Formation, Tithonian, Thüste

Modul B.Geo.102, GÜ Va:

Regional Geology of Göttingen

[bicycle field trip]

Lower Muschelkalk Group, Anisian,
Göttinger Wald 2012

Middle Keuper Group, Carnian, Friedland 2003

Field Trip Guide 74th Annual Meeting
Palaeotological Society


Modul B.Geo.107:

Geological Mapping

Pläner Group, Turonian, Sackwald 2006

Lower Muschelkalk Group, Anisian,
Hildesheimer Wald 2005
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picture: Gernot Arp