Dr. Klaus Wolkenstein

Selected peer-reviewed publications


van Maldegem, L. M., Sansjofre, P., Weijers, J. W. H., Wolkenstein, K., Strother, P. K., Wörmer, L., Hefter, J., Nettersheim, B. J., Hoshino, Y., Schouten, S., Sinninghe Damsté, J. S., Nath, N., Griesinger, C., Kuznetsov, N. B., Elie, M., Elvert, M., Tegelaar, E., Gleixner, G., Hallmann, C. (2019): Bisnorgammacerane traces predatory pressure and the persistent rise of algal ecosystems after Snowball Earth. Nature Communications, 10, article number: 476.(pdf)


Wolkenstein, K., Fuentes-Monteverde, J. C., Nath, N., Oji, T., Griesinger, C. (2018): Hypalocrinins, taurine conjugated anthraquinone and biaryl pigments from the deep sea crinoid Hypalocrinus naresianus. Journal of Natural Products, doi: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.8b00803 (pdf)


Wolkenstein, K., Gross, J. H., Falk, H. (2010): Boron-containing organic pigments from a Jurassic red alga. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107: 19374-19378.


Wolkenstein, K., Schoefberger, W., Müller, N., Oji, T. (2009): Proisocrinins A–F, brominated anthraquinone pigments from the stalked crinoid Proisocrinus ruberrimus. Journal of Natural Products 72: 2036-2039.


Wolkenstein, K., Głuchowski, E., Gross, J. H., Marynowski, L. (2008): Hypericinoid pigments in millericrinids from the Lower Kimmeridgian of the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland). Palaios 23: 773-777.


Wolkenstein, K., Gross, J. H., Falk, H., Schöler, H. F. (2006): Preservation of hypericin and related polycyclic quinone pigments in fossil crinoids. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273: 451-456.


Wolkenstein, K., Gross, J. H., Oeser, T., Schöler, H. F. (2002): Spectroscopic characterization and crystal structure of the 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydrophenanthro[1,10,9,8-opqra]perylene. Tetrahedron Letters 43: 1653-1655.

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