Biomarker analysis (molecular imaging) of small samples using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)

Understanding the spatial distribution of lipid biomarkers at the microscopic scale may afford unprecedented insights into morphology - chemistry relations and contribute to better understanding of geobiological processes and biological sources of organic and inorganic molecules.

However, biomarkers are commonly analysed using extraction-based techniques (GC/MS, LC/MS), which brings about the loss of valuable spatial information during sample workup.

In cooperation with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, we use Time of Flight - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) as a means of analysing biomarkers directly on microscopic samples, i.e. without extraction, chromatography, derivatization, or heating. A pulsed primary ion beam is scanned in a raster pattern over the sample surface (Fig. 1). As a result, charged particles from the upper few monolayers are released. From these secondary ions, high-resolution mass spectra are produced. By quasi-continuously collecting a large number of mass spectra, a 'molecular map' of a sample area can be generated for any compound that produces a diagnostic ion in the spectrum.

Fig. 2 shows ToF-SIMS maps of archaeal lipids in a microbial mat retrieved from methane seeps in the Black Sea. On microscopic sections of these mats, individual microbial colonies can be distinguished by their different lipid biomarker fingerprints at a lateral resolution of < 5 µm.

ToF-SIMS is a quasi-non-destructive technique, thus allowing to subsequently examine the studied areas using conventional microscopic techniques. Further experiments are being conducted in order to establish ToF-SIMS as a tool for a wide range of geobiological applications that aim to detect and precisely localize organic compounds in environmental samples.

Selected publications

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picture: Fig. 1 Principle of ToF-SIMS picture: Fig. 2 Principle of ToF-SIMS