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15.01.2007 Meeting der Forschergruppe 571 in Göttingen.
Vortrag: (V. Thiel) Miniaturised analysis of lipid biomarkers: new approaches for the exploration of geobiological systems

3nd Meeting 12.01.2007 (slideshow)

2nd Meeting 28.04.2006 (slideshow)

1st Meeting 17.06.2005 (slideshow)

Workshops: Workshop "Microsensor" in Bremen,
date: 23.-27.01.2006: (slideshow)
This Workshop will be organised by Dr. Dirk de Beer, MPI Bremen. Potential participants may send an Email to:

Workshop "Laser Scanning Microscopy" in Magdeburg, date:
13.-18.02.2006: (slideshow) This Workshop was organised by Dr. Thomas Neu, UFZ Magdeburg.


Dr. G Arp
Prof. Dr. Joachim Reitner