5: Influence of Temperature, Oxygen Concentration and Concentration of Organic Substrates on Marine Microbial Carbonate Dissolution

Principal investigator PI and Co-PIs

Project summary

The mechanisms, causing the formation and dissolution of marine carbonates play a key role in the global carbon cycle due to their impact on CO2 concentrations.

The project will quantify microbial carbonate dissolution on a cellular scale as a function of temperature, oxygen saturation and substrate concentration. New high-resultion and multidimensional analytical methods (microsensors, confocal microscopy, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization, Beta-Imager) will be applied, which for the first allow time the observation of mechanisms and their spatial and temporal dynamic in biological carbonate dissolution on the scale of single cells.
The microbial carbonate dissolution will be quantitatively compared with inorganic dissolution. The investigations will be carried out using foraminiferal tests and chemically pure carbonates. The results should contribute to the fundamental understanding of microbial carbonate dissolution and enable precise estimates of carbonate dissolution at known environmental conditions and changes.


Dr. Dirk de Beer, MPI Marine Microbiology Bremen