Project Initiative “Ries-Crater”: Drilling Erbisberg


The drilling Erbisberg is part of the project initiative “Ries-Crater”. The drilling was funded and carried out by the Geological Survey at the Bavarian Environmental Agency, The drill cores are archived in the Drill-Core Archive and Resources Analysis Centre.

Aims of the drilling are as follows:

  • Detection of post-impact hydrothermal activity in superficial deposits (travertine) and subsurface mineralizations (veins)
  • Detection of possible traces of a fossil subterranean biosphere
  • Elucidation of the structure of the crystalline ring
  • Genesis of impact melts


Simplified geological map of the Ries Impact Crater with location of the Erbisberg drilling site] With permission of the Bavarian Environmental Agency, Geological Survey.

Participating Institutions

Publications / Abstracts / Poster

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Arbeitstreffen "Bohrung Erbisberg", ZERIN, 9. May 2015, Nördlingen

COCARDE Workshop and Field Seminar 2012 “Carbonate mounds and frontier carbonate systems in hypersaline/hyperthermal environments - The Ries Natural Laboratory” 15.-19. October 2012, Nördlingen

Press releases and newspaper articles (in German)

13.05.2011 Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt: Pressemitteilung “Neue Ries-Forschungsbohrung soll Auswirkungen des Meteoriteneinschlags erhellen”

13.05.2011 Augsburger Allgemeine “Das Ries - bizarr wie der Monolake”

08.09.2011 Spiegel Online “Meteoriteneinschlag bei Nördlingen. Geologen ergründen Europas Urkatastrophe”,1518,772160,00.html

Koordination (Dietmar Jung, Gernot Arp) [Passwort]

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